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Galaxy Note 9 Leak revealed Samsung’s Radical Upgrade

The Bloomberg state

Then again, Bloomberg might be right.  Gurman has a excellent history and Samsung needs to give the Galaxy Note 9 a Wow Factor after so a lot of its headline features have canceled and transferred to the company’s 10th-anniversary flagship.  Another generation double aperture main camera would also send a strong message right before Apple unveils its all-new iPhone range and current camera champ Google rolls out the contentious Pixel 3.


Bloomberg’s ever-reliable Mark Gurman has confirmed an exclusive “I broke last month”: for the first time in its history, Samsung will update its flagship cameras twice in 1 year.

In my exclusive last month, I stated Samsung would only update the Galaxy Note 9 front camera, not the rear.  This makes sense because, remarkably, the Galaxy S9 uses the year-old Galaxy S8 front module (which was disappointing even in 2017) and contributes to predictably awful results.

Samsung’s Galaxy Notice 9 will be massive, both in dimension  and storage updates .  However, perhaps the biggest news of all has just broken…



Galaxy Note 9 leak concept

The Galaxy S9 started with much fanfare due to its’ double aperture’ camera, an industry-first on a mass-market smartphone.  For all of the hype, however, it didn’t stay on the top of DxOMark’s contentious ratings and my testing confirmed Google’s Pixel two still reigns supreme.  Of course, the Galaxy S9 nevertheless has an excellent camera so that it’s a radical move to update again, but it shows how camera performance is now to smartphone sales.

Citing” people familiar with the matter”, Gurman states the upgraded Galaxy Note 9 camera will be a “highlight” of Samsung’s’ Unpacked’ launch in New York.  Something the report also claims has been immobilized to August 9th – a date that represents a slight delay due to last minute design changes.

Galaxy Note 9 Leak


If I’m right this means Samsung will not technically be updating its camera technology twice in one year, it’s only upgrading last year’s leading module.

Front camera contrast: Pixel 2 (left) Vs the woeful Galaxy S9 (right)

So Samsung, the message is clear: Do It!

But the real talking point is the camera.

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