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How to Use the Measure App in iPhone – iOS 12

Your iPhone comes with a build-in tape measure and it is very useful tool. With iOS 12, you will see cool updates for Measure app so you can leave your tape measure in the box.

Measure App in iOS 12

After you have updated your iPhone to iOS 12, you will see a new built-in app called Measure app. The app uses AR (Augmented Reality) feature to act as a tape measure or ruler. As a result, you can measuring any objects around you with phone camera. So next time, you no need to take out your tape measures as you can bring only your iPhone.

The iOS 12 is currently available in beta version so Apple could change or remove the features. If there is any changes with Measure app, we will update related to this change.

Straight Lines

When you start running the app, it will ask you to move around your iPhone to analyze the area you want to measure. You can stick your iPhone camera to any objects that you intend to measure and move around it until a while circle with dot in the middle pops up.

Straight Lines in Measure App

You can line the white dot with a corner on the item you want to measure. Then simply press the white button with a plus sign (+). If the measure app could identify an object, the dot will snap to a corner near your hand.

After you have press the measure button, you can slowly move it around till end point. When finished, simply press the measure button again. You also could undo or clear the measure with the button on the top screen if it looks messy or not good quality.

You could continue measure other side by lining up the white dot, and simply press the measure button. The process could be repeated as many times as you want to measure. You can also save the measurement in picture by tapping on the shutter button at the bottom right.

Square Footage

Square Footage in Measure App

We don’t have the right conditions yet to trigger the app auto-recognizing on four corners of the object and highlighted it in yellow. However, if it happens to you, it will be quite cool.

When the app could run as in above pictures, you simply tap on the measure button so it will calculate the length of each segment and display the square footage in the middle.

Anyhow, you still could use it to estimate the square footage if the measure app doesn’t display auto-recognizing the full perimeter of the object. You just measure each side of the object so the app will do its magic.

Adjusting a Measurement in Measure App

Adjusting a Measurement in Measure App

If you want to measure something but it doesn’t display the start or end points in the right spot, you don’t think it is over. This time, you could use your finger to drag-drop the dot to the right spot.

Caveats and Tips


Carveats and Tips in Measure App

Please note that the Measure app is not completely accurate to cut on a piece of woods or important decision based on size. It is a tool to get a fairly accurate idea on how big or small thing is.

From our real experience testing, we found out that the app is a bit few inches off in the measurement. If we put the iPhone camera closer to the start and end points, the measure app gets more accurate.

There Is Also a Measuring Level

A level Measure in Measure App

We forgot that there is also a level in the new Measure app. It is not different from the previous one in the Compass app.

You could switch to level by selecting the “Level” tab along the bottom of the screen. Then put your iPhone on the surface of the objects you want to level or measure. If the two circles line up and 0 degree is in the middle, the interface changes from black-and-white color to the green one.

Please see the video preview of Measure app in iOS 12 here:

Please let us know if there is any suggestions or questions.

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