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What You Need to Know about Facebook’s Messenger Kids

Facebook has developed and updated many new tools for social network. They released Messenger Kids app to specifically bring for your kids to message friends and family members. You will feel safe for your kids.

Facebook Messenger Kids

Facebook just announced that this app designs for kids who age from 6 to 12 years olds. This app does not require your child to sign up for the account as they depend on their parents’ Facebook account to add any contact and hide any public searches on social network.

Skepticism is OK

Facebook knows many things about us so they design from crazy algorithms to identify people you may know for their advertising target. It is not difficult for Facebook skeptic with this app. Facebook also announced about Messenger Kids Privacy Policy on their website.

You should make sure that you have read through Facebook policy and you don’t have any problem with it before signing up for your children.

Let’s see briefly policy here. “Facebook will collect data about your child and how he/she uses the app, contacts, and devices used to access Messenger Kids. This data maybe shared with third parties to help improve Messenger Kids. A parent can delete child’s Messenger Kids account which will include all information stored about the child.”

Facebook also clearly announced that no advertisings are in Messenger Kids and the information collected during their active account will not be used for advertisings too.

Initial Setup for the Messenger Kids

Initial Setup Facebook Messenger Kids

Firstly, you need to download Messenger Kids app and install it. It is available on both iOS and Android. Additionally, it is available on Amazon Appstore.

Secondly, you start running the app and follow the prompt guidelines which will require you to log in your personal Facebook account and create your child’s Messenger Kids account.

Initial Setup Messenger Kids color

Thirdly, this app will instruct you for the setup and you can hand the device to your child so he/she can complete it after you have created your child’s account. You child will be also asked to select an app theme color and take a profile photo.

Adding Contacts in the Messenger Kids

Add Contacts on Facebook Messenger Kids

By Default, you as a parent will be immediately added in the contact list for your child to message with. To add more contacts, open your Facebook account and tap on the 3-dot-line button and then find Messenger Kids in the list.

Each account you manage will display in this section. Select an account to view your current contacts and to approve or deny friend requests. A list of family member will also display as contact options as Messenger Kids account belongs to your Facebook account. Add or send friend requests by tapping on the appropriate button next to each contact name.

When sending a friend request, an alert message will not show up in your kid’s devices. Alternatively, your Facebook account will get the notification with the details about who manages the child’s account and if there are any mutual friends.

Be bear in mind that you will need to be friend with Parents’ Facebook account in case you want to friend with Child’s account. Anytime, you could revisit the Messenger Kids under your Facebook app to view if you want to remove friends from your child contact list.

After that, it is still Messenger

Messenger Kids Contact list

Besides a strictly approach to add contacts, this app plays the same role as normal Facebook Messenger. You kids could send/receive messages with the friend lists or groups and video call working the same way. Facebook tools like Stickers, GIFs and Animated messages are available but long lists of Messenger apps for adults are strictly inaccessible.

You can see the introduction video about Messenger Kids here.

Please raise in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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