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The top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features

The top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features Finally, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 released to end all the rumor mills. Some of the rumors are almost true about its newest features & design. In this articles we’re going to look in detail about top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features. …

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Samsung keep roasting Apple with three new Ingenious ads

Samsung Galaxy S9 Ingenious Apple Ads

Samsung keep producing Anti-iPhone ad series Ingenious. Today we just got 3 more clips titled Camera, Dongle, and Fast Charger pretty punch apple in the face in a very short videos. In these ads Samsung take all Apple mistakes by show a fake Apple Store with an Apple Genius Bar …

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Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL Rumor and expectation

Google Pixel 3

  2018 is the year of innovation of new smart phones. Big company like Apple initiate the Notch design and lead many chinese company the design.  Will Google Pixel 3 play catch-up — or leapfrog the iPhone X? The best smartphone yet for 2017 Last year, Google Pixel 2 is …

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OnePLus 6 break company’s sales record

OnePlus 6 has launched on 22, May this year. Only 22 days this managed to sell more than one million units which lead OnePLus 6 break company’s sales record. Base on CEO Pete Lau said: “Since before OnePlus launched, we’ve always taken care to listen closely to our users and …

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Galaxy Note 9 Leak revealed Samsung’s Radical Upgrade

Galaxy Note 9 Leak

The Bloomberg state Then again, Bloomberg might be right.  Gurman has a excellent history and Samsung needs to give the Galaxy Note 9 a Wow Factor after so a lot of its headline features have canceled and transferred to the company’s 10th-anniversary flagship.  Another generation double aperture main camera would …

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 arriving August 9

samsung note 9

Recently there was a report that Samsung has made a decision to postpone the Galaxy Note9 unveiling by two weeks from mid July to August beginning. And today, a new report from Bloomberg claims that the device will be made official on August 9. The report also states the handset …

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